Introduction To Website Ownership!

  • Sumo

What is a Website, What shall we say it is?

First, We know that a business can be in many locations depending on its primary services and the proximity of its customers. It can be at an Office Park, when its primary services are rendered through a consultation.

It can be at a Retail Park such as a Mall or a Shopping Complex, for easy access and where customers would be doing some other shopping activity nearby, that’s “customer proximity.”

Another location option could be at an Industrial Park, where the place of operation facilitates manufacturing as a service.

“These areas are known as business sites.”

From these previous definitions, we can begin to get an idea of what is actually a website. Web+Site; it is another form of a business location which is primarily on the web. It exists there as a group of inter-linked pages. When you create a hyperlink such as you are actually creating a link to a web page by the name, contact-us.

Together these pages create a shopping experience similar to visiting a retail site at the shopping mall or complex. That’s basically why websites exist, only that the experience is done at the comfort of your own home, “Cool right?”

That’s not all though, they have a number of advantages over other shopping or business sites. Such as; they never have to close, they stay open 24/7.

You can start as a one man show and deliver services without having to employ a lot more people to help you which means start-up costs canbe as low or as high as you want them to be.

A website does not necessarily have to compete with a retail site existence, it can complement and augment the services provided from any other existing site, which can lead to more sales if done correctly.

Alright, how to obtain a website?

It’s a process, an easy one at that which will ultimately lead to you choosing and obtaining a domain name for your new website. As a web solutions consultation, my primary job will be to take you through the entire process of establishing a web site or a web presence. I will take you through the name searching process and explain the implications with SEO. Choosing a domain name can help or not aide your SEO strategies. We will discuss advantages and disadvantages of various names as you generate them.

This is my primary function as a consultant. I help to put you at ease as you embark on the journey of establishing a web presence.

You will certainly feel you have learned something interesting and be more confident about the vast topic of the web at the end of the discussion!