Needs Analysis

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Web design is a serious profession just like all the others, therefore a web designer needs to have processes in place to meet his work demands and eventually produce quality work at a reasonable cost to his business. This also leaves room for price negotiating customers to throw their weight around in negotiating a (fair) price; having some wiggle space can come in handy, (don’t underestimate this point). Back to processes; these make delivery manageable and allows one to coordinate resources and manpower, even if it’s just one man involved, it will aide production.

At Gae Executive Consulting Web Design and Hosting we employ a stock of tools that aide in delivering our services, here they are:

  • Needs Analysis Form

Every web designer should have this form in their collection to make the process of information gathering easy. This form is available online by just searching for it if you don’t have time to design one of your own, be sure to download the one that is freely available, we don’t want anyone accusing us of copying their work; besides there are plenty kind souls out there who provide these tools for free.

  • Website Authoring Software

Without this a web designer won’t get very far. Ideally you want a tool that is user friendly and again there are many of them available for download on the internet. I suggest that anyone who would want to offer competitive prices for their web design work look into reducing their own input costs if they hope to offer competitive prices and still turn a decent profit. There are many web design tools available for free and others on a trial basis, choose whatever suits your particular situation.

  • Image Compressor

Websites that display a lot of images normally take too long to download and that is a bad thing. Anyone who surfs the web is on the clock to do things quick and settle their queries, if a page takes too long to load you risk somebody abandoning that page and moving on to someone else’s that loads quicker. Avoid this pitfall and get yourself an image compressor and reduce the size of your website images without reducing their quality. You may have to go through more than one until you find the one that does the job to your liking.

There are many other tools you may need such as a reliable billing system, image editors etc.

The point we want to make is that a web designer must get into the habit of organising their processes and using dedicated tools to achieve this. It will not only make working on web design easier, it will also reduce costs and increase profit at the end of the day. It will help in producing quality work and also improve turnaround time for web design work.

We spoke about analysing a customer’s needs and included analysing your own web design artillery as well. If you look carefully at the subheadings you will realise that they can be used as keywords to search for the item discussed.