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Eminence Branding

Eminence Branding is a young and explorative branding consultancy and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Business issue

The company wanted to migrate their existing website over to be hosted at  Gae Executive Consulting Web design and Hosting.

How we handled it!

We oversaw the entire process from beginning to end, including contacting the former host on their behalf and initiating the  transfer of their domain. All that they essentially needed to do was to provide us with the contact details of their previous host and then sit back. The process took a little over a week and we kept the client informed throughout the process so that they know what was going on. With the transfer of a domain from one company to another professionalism is important in approaching the former hosting company as things can easily fall apart if there is poor communication between the two hosting companies. Changing web hosts happens all the time as people’s needs change, this is when a new and suitable host is sought.

We managed the process successfully and Eminence Branding received their FTP , Username and Password. Gae Executive Consulting Web design and Hosting provides support for customers who are new to web hosting and ongoing support throughout their web hosting absolutely free. With FTP you can access your hosting server directly by use of an FTP program such as RightFTP or Filezilla and many others.  If you have a website already designed somewhere and you need to publish it directly into your hosting space, FTP makes this process very easy. Still if you are not entirely sure how, ask our hosting team and they will only be too happy to help.


We are passionate about web hosting as evidenced by our 7 years in hosting experience handling transfers and new registrations. We will only be too happy to have you as another satisfied client no matter where you are in the world. Why not start with researching your domain name first and see if it is available to buy and register? All this is possible right here on this site without having to go anywhere else, our sales team will notify you when the domain has been successfully acquired. You can register more than one domain at a time e.g .net, .com, .biz  for a particular domain you have chosen. Read more now on how best to communicate with any web designer on this article about communicating your needs with a web designer and finding a good freelancer , then go back to either researching a domain or buying. Looking forward to hearing from you!





 iSAGO MAg is an online magazine; iSAGO MAg looks at the life and times of the young adults of the North West province, South Africa. For 13 years this dream lay dormant until they met  Gae Executive Web Design and Hosting – Nigel South Africa.

Business Issue

After sitting down to analyse their needs, we concluded that they (iSAGO MAg) should get a domain name for their magazine asap, email accounts, web design and hosting.

How we handled it!

An online magazine would require a hosting plan that is scalable, meaning, that which can expand as the company grows. We needed find a solution that was most cost effective for a (online)magazine. After finalising a cost model that we presented to them, they were so happy with it that they accepted on the spot. For the optimum functioning of a magazine we opted to install a Content Management System to their web hosting. With this system they are free to edit their website content themselves(no need to involve a separate content manager), they can keep their content fresh and interesting to their own online audience. With a CMS(Content Management System) you can design your own publishing/production process and create roles for your publishing/production team.


We assist with training in using the systems we install and help guide in finding documentation online for using the system. The initial issue will be a breeze to produce. Gae Executive Web Design and Hosting gets involved with your business in order to understand it and provide the right solution at the most affordable price. Contact us today!

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